Best Product Picks For Fine Hair

For those of us with fine hair, the products are the thing!

If you have fine hair, you are probably always looking for the best product picks! For fine hair the requirements include shampoo that cleans thoroughly, conditioner that is lightweight and leaves hair shiny, and products like hair thickeners that aren’t heavy, gooey, or  make your hair look dirty.

Here are a few items we like:

  • Big Sexy Hair Shampoo – like this a lot, although once every week or so you’ll want to change up for a day or so. Seems to start dulling hair after too long a period of continual use. Good thickening, though.
  • Big Sexy Hair Conditioner – like this too. It is lightweight, but leaves hair soft.
  • John Freida Luminous Glaze – this is seriously one of our favorite products for fine hair. Gives a shine and
    bounce that is hard to get over the counter with anything else.
  • Wella Brilliance Treatment for  Fine/Normal Colored Hair – this is a nice product for
    the money. Gives hair a very healthy finish without turning greasy or making your hair stringy.
  • Redken Hair Spray #23 – a fine hair staple if ever there was one. Gotta have this one! Strong but not sticky, holds hair but looks natural. 
  • Browse our information on other products for fine hair!

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