What are the best fine hair salon products?

The Good, The Bad, & The Fine

The Difference between fine and thin hair

The art of caring for fine hair…

Help For Fine hair Simplified!

Help for fine hair is on the way! If you were born with fine hair, styles, cuts products and tools for caring for fine hair are never an easy choice! You probably curse your hair daily, but there is help out there!

  • Anyone who constantly deals with the fact they have to wash and style first thing every morning or wear a hat all day knows what having fine hair is all about.
  • Anyone who has searched all the products on the market and never found ‘the one’….knows.
  • Anyone who has been interrupted during a blow dry and has to wet their hair down and start all over again…knows.

You do have options for changing the look and texture of your hair if it’s thin and limp. You can let it grow and pull it back, pretending you’re being sporty and casual. You can perm it to try and give it body and bounce and hope you don’t fry it. You can cut it ultra-short and do the chic thing. Hair extensions are now available that won’t harm your hair.

If none of those options are okay with you, rest assured there are spectacular haircuts for fine hair just like yours. There are tools, products, accessories and tips for fine hair that will amaze you.  Fine or thin hair requires a great deal of attention, but there are steps you can take in caring for fine hair that will minimize the frustration and make it look like a million bucks!

Fine Hair Facts

What makes fine hair…fine? What’s the difference between fine hair and thin hair? Can you have fine and thin hair, or fine hair that’s thick? Should you perm fine hair? Color it? Is it hereditary, or can you ‘toughen it up’? Browse our fine hair facts and begin to understand the art and science that goes into making fine hair look amazing!

Tips & Tricks

From winter stressed hair to fine hair suffering the pangs of summer, there are all kinds of ways to get the most out haircuts for fine hair, cut and color! Browse our website for all kinds of ideas to bring your fine, thin hair back to life!

Wedding and Formal Hair

For brides with fine hair, finding the right headpiece or hair accessories takes on a different urgency. How will you hold your hair during the ceremony…the photos, and the reception? Discover style ideas, products and tips to make sure your fine or thin hair is up to the challenge for your wedding or formal event!